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Hello! I'm Jon Jong, a multifaceted professional with a rich history of entrepreneurial and corporate achievements. My journey spans various industries, where I've consistently driven growth and success. Here's a snapshot of my career highlights:

Early Beginnings and Financial Acumen

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Kickstarted my career with a summer entrepreneurial internship during college, laying the foundation for hard work and dedication.

  • Early Milestone: Purchased my first house at 21, showcasing early financial savvy and goal setting.

Financial Planning and Mortgage Success

  • Financial Planner Expertise: After college, I transitioned into financial planning, excelling as a Top First Year Advisor at American Express Financial Planners with Series 7, Series 66, and Life & Health licenses.

  • Mortgage Industry Leadership: Co-founded a mortgage company in Costa Mesa, CA. Led the company to a rapid growth trajectory, achieving over $16 Million in monthly volume in just 9 months.

Sales Mastery and Healthcare Innovation

Transforming Pest Control Marketing

  • Revolutionizing Pest Control Sales: In my role as the VP of Marketing for Atlus Pest Solutions, I not only spearheaded innovative sales strategies, leading to a remarkable 409.3% increase in sales revenue and a reduction in marketing costs by 35.1% but also played a pivotal role in creating a dynamic summer internship program. This program proved to be a phenomenal success, with our top summer intern earning an impressive $225,000 in just 4 1/2 months. Following closely, our second top intern made $180,000 in the same duration. These results highlight not just the effectiveness of the program but also underscore my commitment to mentoring and developing future talents in the industry.

sales report salesforce
sales report salesforce
Atlus Pest Solutions logoAtlus Pest Solutions logo

Credit Card Processing and Business Development

  • EZ Card Process LLC: Currently the Managing Member of a credit card processing company, helping businesses save on transaction fees and offering innovative payment solutions.

  • Innovating with Berify: Engaging in business development with Berify, integrating NFC and blockchain technology (smart tags) for enhanced digital customer experiences, brand protection, and marketing opportunities for physical products.

Sharing Insights and Tips

  • Blogging Expertise: I share my extensive knowledge and experience through my blog, offering valuable tips, tricks, and exclusive discount codes.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope my journey inspires and offers valuable insights into various facets of business and personal growth.

EZ Card ProcessEZ Card Process
Berify logoBerify logo
  • Healthcare SaaS Excellence: Transitioned into the Healthcare SaaS sector as a Regional Sales Manager, quickly becoming the top sales rep despite being new to LMS systems, healthcare compliance, and credentialing.

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